Shake Off The Indoors

There's a whole world of Adventure just outside your door! Nature has lessons to share, skills to master and space to breathe.

Every Kid Needs Adventure!

FoxTrick Adventures offers unique demonstrations and hands on Maine Outdoor Education courses in modern & primitive survival skills for camping, hiking, and backpacking that help kids develop their fine and gross motor skills – far beyond what video games offer.

We work with schools, after school programs, co-ops, youth groups, scout troops and special events.

To name a few:

  • Fire safety, starting & s’mores
  • Paracord bracelets, bootlaces & slings
  • Camp stove craft
  • Handmade fishing lures & fly tying
  • Guided hikes

FoxTrick Flies specializes in custom tied flies, with an emphasis on durability and precision, that reliably fool trout like a fox on the farm!

We help kids slow down, breathe and build confidence in themselves through hands-on courses, community, and hiking in Maine. We offer a safe and fun learning environment, where we help to better prepare kids for outdoor adventures, emergency scenarios, team leadership and life.

Tumbledown Mountain FoxTrick Adventures Hike
Tumbledown Mountain Hike

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a kid. That’s never been more true than now. Kids today face difficulties that are unlike anything faced before in a society that is becoming rapidly fragmented, digitized and individualized. Our goal is to be involved, be part of the solution – encouraging kids, steering them in the right direction, to “stay the course”, through Maine Outdoor Education, Skills Learning and Wild Adventure.

We’d be honored to be part of your village.

GS Fire Demo
Flint & Steel Fire Demo with Girl Scouts & Hot Cocoa!

“It would be well if the dwellers in the valley could frequently leave their abodes among the marshes and the fever mists, and inhale the bracing element upon the hills.”

-Charles Spurgeon


Kasey Marsters “Fox”

May The Woods Welcome You

Grey Fox.png

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