“Our Home School co-op from Hollis, Maine took classes with Kasey Marsters from FoxTrick Adventures. The kids absolutely loved every class of their 22 weeks with him.

He brought adventure, curiosity, creativity, and knowledge on how to stay safe in the Maine woods and taught us to enjoy our time while we are in this spectacular environment. It is a privilege to live in Maine, and we do not take it for granted.

Mr. Marsters taught the kids about Fire, Water Filtration, Map & Compass, Shelters, Leaf Identification, Animal Identification, Survival Kits, Cooking, Search & Rescue and First Aid.

If you, your family or your classroom can find an opportunity to take advantage of what FoxTrick Adventures is offering, you will not regret a minute of it. Most importantly you will walk away with a new appreciation of Maine and where you live. I highly recommend that you sign up, get out there, and learn some cool stuff with someone who is experienced and can make it very fun!
Enjoy, we did!!”


-Lori Robertson from L.I.G.H.T.S Homeschool Co-op


“FoxTrick Adventures was an absolute hit with Girl Scout Troop 2101!! Kasey came to a meeting to talk with the girls about some basic hiking and survival tips. His engaging and dynamic story-telling completely won them over. The meeting ran over by 30 minutes because the girls were asking so many questions. He then met the troop for an afternoon of hiking which ended with a lesson on fire starting and, of course, hot cocoa!

Given that the girls were using their cookie money to pay for a FoxTrick Adventure, Kasey was very reasonable with the fee. The scouts are already budgeting some cookie money for another adventure next year! We are very lucky to have you as a resource! Thank you for all that you do!”

-Tamra Longanecker from Girl Scout Troop 2101

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