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“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.”

-John Muir

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Paracord Bracelet Crafting – $100 for a group up to 20

We’ll come to teach your group how to make survival paracord bracelets and learn about the history of paracord.

  • Popular art class or scout troop event
  • Useful ‘friendship bracelets’
  • Great for motor skills


Flint & Steel Fire Demonstration w/ smore’s! – $100

We’ll bring our portable fire pit, discuss the components of fire, fire safety, demonstrate a traditional flint & steel fire kit and enjoy s’mores together!

  • Demonstrates historical methods of fire starting
  • Gets kids thinking about how people used to live
  • Encourages kids to learn how to responsibly kindle fires for survival situations
  • S’MORES!!


Fly Tying Demonstration – $75

We’ll show kids how a fly for fly fishing is tied, explain how they imitate certain foods that fish eat and how flies are used in the context of fishing. We’ll discuss the ideas catch & release, barbless hooks and safe fish handling.

  • Popular art class or scout troop event
  • Inspires kids to ‘create’
  • Introduces kids to fishing & the outdoors
  • Introduces kids to environmental conservation topics


Maine Mythology Lecture

Who is Pamola?

Harmless night wind or chilling defender of Ktaadn with vicious icy talons and deafening wings of terror!?

An engaging and fun discussion style lecture about the Abenaki mythical creature that protects the summit of Ktaadn.

You’ll hear the tales of a ferocious beast of thunder that has the head of a Moose, the arms and chest of a man with the wings, legs and talons of a giant Eagle!

Learn about the Storm Bird’s dark dungeon, Alomkik, how to free the prisoners and even defend yourself against him!



September 8 – Troop 329, Limerick Boy Scouts 100 Year Anniversary Celebration!

  • Flint & steel fire demos
  • Fire kits, paracord bracelets & cherry bookmarks with wood burnt wilderness themes –  available for sale


August 11 (Saturday) – 0930 to 1500 – Gray Blueberry Festival!

  • FoxTrick Adventures will be offering a skillshare session in paracord bracelet making Cost: $4
  • Booth display so people can learn about our organization and be introduced to handmade outdoor gear
  • Paracord bracelets and bootlaces will be available for purchase Cost: $5

FoxTrick Paracord Bracelets

July 31 – 2nd Annual Summer Camp at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
  • S’mores!
  • Paracord bracelet making!

See our calendar below for more details or visit our Facebook Page for upcoming adventures!

Upcoming Adventures & Skills Courses


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