Mission To Montreal


July 7-10 we’re Adventuring North to work with the community outreach ministries of Evangile Quebec and La Corde Summer Camp  and lead activities with kids from the impoverished Cloverdale community. Activities include fly tying necklaces, paracord bracelets, nature walks and playing soccer! We’ll also be hosting a cookout and s’mores! AND – we need your help!

HSY_Smores_splitfeature1.pngWe’ve set up a GoFundMe to help buy the materials & tools we’ll need (itemized expenses are listed below). If you have a heart for kids please consider partnering with us by donating to our fundraiser and sharing this page with others, so we take this adventure to help kids believe they can reach their full potential and make fun, lasting memories with them!

Here is a breakdown of activities & expenses for 70 kids

  • Crafts
    • Fly tie necklaces is an an amazing way to promote good hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, patience and they get to take home a necklace as a memory
      • 10 fly vises – $500 (needed for this & future youth outreach programs)vise.png
      • Fly materials – $50 (feathers, chenille, threads)
        • clipping the barbs & points
        • necklaces
    • Paracord Survival Bracelets promotes hand eye coordination and a souvenir to remind them of positive memories made – hope – $100 Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 6.03.51 PM.png
  • Nature Walks offer fresh air, community, friendships, exercise, learning about their environment
  • Soccer Scrimmages will help to build friendships, teamwork, gross motor skills and healthy exercise
  • S’mores (of course!) – $100   we love building community and enjoying a delicious snack together around a fire
    • 4 boxes of Family Size Graham Crackers,
    • 7 packages of hershey chocolate bars (42 bars)
    • 4 bags of marshmallows for 70 Kids
  • Lunch Cookout  & Snacks Monday/Tuesday – $170 partnering with La Corde in their hunger prevention efforts – many kids would go without food, much of the time, if it were not for this organization’s work
    • 160 Hot dogs
    • 160 buns
    • 2 big containers of ketchup
    • 2 big containers of mustard
    • 1 big container of relish
    • 70 juice boxes
    • 100 bottles of water
    • 100 paper plates
    • So many napkins!
  • Travel expenses includes gasoline – $150
  • Special Donation to EQC: To be used for ongoing community outreach efforts pertaining to hunger prevention and activities with local kids   – $500

Cost: $1,570 – (that’s just $22 per kid to have a 2-day, healthy, outdoor skills experience with food & snacks provided and a donation to support the EQC ministry.)


**Excess funds collected will be split between the three organizations as special donations for future outreach events**


La Corde Summer Camp Info:

“The goal of la Corde, which is part of the Youth Unlimited organization is that kids of the impoverished Cloverdale community will achieve academic success as the best way of escaping a cycle of poverty. All programs are directed to enable these children to achieve that goal, by addressing the areas that could cause them to stumble. Every weekday, 50 Cloverdale youth frequent the centre, receiving breakfast, lunch, after-school homework assistance, music lessons, life skills training, goal setting & nutrition workshops, and mentoring.”

splash_YU_logoThere will be about 70 kids coming from extreme poverty in the largest public housing project in QC. One of Montreal’s 19 burroughs, Pierrefonds, has a population of 68,000 (the population of Portland). 40% of the population of Pierrefonds are immigrants (the population of Windham, Raymond, and Gray combined)! Most immigrants are from Egypt, Haiti, India and various African countries.

Fox-Trick S’mores

A huge thank you to FlyFishFood.com for offering us a special discount on materials.

We would love to list your business as a sponsor for partnering with us.

We would be honored if you would share this page with your friends and family.

Thank you!


FoxTrick Adventures



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