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“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” 

– Elon Musk

About Kasey Marsters – “Mr. Fox”

Fox on Bondcliffe

I’ve always wanted to be able to say I was raised by wolves but I’m thankful to at least be able to say I’m from Maine. I’m a Registered Maine Guide in recreation. Whether on the trail, in a canoe, bushwhacking, snowshoeing, tracking, fishing, sitting around a fire with food, friends & family – I believe every person needs to shake off the city, experience the gritty wild, soaking up all its smells and sounds and adversity, dirt and critters and wondrous sunrises, sunsets and all the moods of a Mountain as a means to better understand who they are, be tested and discover what they are made of and why they are here. It’s a privilege for me to introduce people to the Maine woods.

Tumbledown Mountain

I’ve hiked all the New England 4,000 footers and am now hiking them again with my incredible wife, Jessie, and our 4 boys. Fishing is my favorite outdoor activity and is what got me into camping and hiking. I would choose a day of fishing over a week of eating.

My favorite Maine critter is the Grey Fox, for its cleverness & determination.

Girl Scouts & Bradbury Mountain
Girl Scout trip to Bradbury Mountain!

About Jessie Marsters “Mrs. Fox”

Mrs. Fox & Poppy on The Horn

Blueberry picking, camping, fishing, playing in the rain and sitting by a fire.
I love the Adventure of summertime.
My happy place is the ocean.

Hiking is one of my favorite workouts. Not only is it a great exercise for my body but also strengthens my mind. One of my favorite parts of hiking is looking off into the trees as we walk and being in awe of its beauty.
I love the solitude that comes with kayaking. And I love it as a workout too.

IMG_8827Being active outside in the winter, snowshoeing, sledding and wandering in the woods, helps me get through those cold, dark days.
I think it’s really special that I get to be a part of sharing my love for the outdoors with other people. In addition to being a photographer, I’ve worked in leadership positions with kids for over 15 years as a pre-school teacher, certified behavior specialist, nanny, substitute teacher, Sunday School teacher, VBS leader, museum tour-guide and mother to four boys.
Also, I’ve never met a macaroon I didn’t like.

Mr. & Mrs. Fox – AMC NE 48 Finale

About Brett Aspenson “Bird”

Old Speck
Bird, high atop Old Speck

I grew up on a farm in southwestern Wisconsin with the limitless outdoors as my playground. I was homeschooled from elementary through high school and realized that I loved to learn through reading and hands-on activities. My younger years were spent serving my community with my 4-H club and training dogs and horses to compete in local and state competitions. Many of my evenings after school involved my chestnut quarter horse, “Foxy” (coincidence?) on the many woodland trails by my home.  I always loved the peace and solitude that the woods offered

Fast-forward a few years to my wife and I moving to the beautiful state of Maine. We came here in May of 2015 for my job in airfield operations at the Portland Jetport.

Fox & Bird visiting Mt. Katahdin

I first met Fox through Bailey, who happens to be a 1st grade teacher where their boys go to school. Fox and I have been on many Adventures together and have forged a lasting friendship through some wild Maine Adventures. Fox gave me the name “Bird” for my love of aviation.


The trails in Maine are beautiful but can be rugged and difficult. Hiking builds patience, character and a sense of comradery. That being said, one can walk away from a day of hiking with the best of memories and friendships. This brings to mind my first backpacking trip with Fox. We were traversing the Pogy Notch Trail to the quiet place of Russell Pond in Baxter State Park. It was an arduous nine-mile hike through beaver dam ponds, precarious cliffs, and dense forests. My feet were soaked through from a spill in a river and the black flies bit ferociously. But while atop a ridge, I peered through the trees and had my first view of the renowned Mt. Katahdin. That image is still burned into my mind to this day and I can’t wait to return.

Fox & Bird  – Mt. Isolation NH

We have learned so much from Fox and his wife through their love for the Maine woods. The experiences we have shared together have been true gifts and will always be remembered. There are many more adventures to be had, so come and join us!

About Eric Scribellito “Crow”


For Fox-Trick.jpg
Crow on Ktaadn


Maine is my favorite State. Being from a military family, I lived in numerous States across the East Coast. Though my family moved often, one thing was constant- spending time outdoors, preferably in the woods.

When I was 10 years old I took a hunter safety course and began hunting with my Dad in Louisiana. I quickly discovered that my favorite part of the experience was being perfectly still- to the point that you could almost blend into the environment- and be able to observe the forest bustling with plant and animal life.


Knife Edge Katahdin.jpg
The Knife Edge – Mt. Katahdin


My family moved to Maine when I was 14 and I remember being so excited to be surrounded by the woods! The slower pace of life and land we were allowed to roam surrounding our new house made it feel like home quickly. Fall in Maine was especially spectacular, and soon became my favorite season.

Throughout high school I went on outdoor adventures with my youth group, and though I enjoyed them, it was not until years later when I attended a hike into Baxter State Park with Mr. Fox that I truly fell in love with hiking and backpacking.


Stovecraft By Crow


I have always enjoyed working with my hands, and the newfound love of hiking gave me the perfect opportunity to educate myself about bushcraft and survival, as well as make my own hiking, backpacking, and camping gear. This is why I have chosen the name “Crow” to represent me. Crows are known for their intelligence, adaptability, and problem solving skills- all traits that I aspire to have in my personal life, as well as when it comes to the outdoors.

I work as an electrical designer. I enjoy spending my spare time with my wife, my son, and our dog. We are expecting another son this summer. Our family enjoys Maine’s outdoors and especially hiking together. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with anyone eager to learn and discovering new things about the outdoors along the way.

Ktaadn – Hamlin Peak


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